Windcheetah Accessories

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Carbon fibre front & back aeropack fairing on a windcheetah recumbent


Aeropack comprising a set of front & rear Airflow fairings and carbon fenders. The Aeropack represents a saving of £107.00 when compared to the individually priced components. Free shipping is also included when you order the Aeropack to be delivered with your Windcheetah.

Aeropack pricing
UK£ 1400.00+VAT
US$ 2156.00
€ 1932.00

Carbon fibre front fairing on a windcheetah recumbent


Carbon fibre front fairing. When used in conjunction with the rear fairing the Airflow system can reduce drag by 12%. The combined weight of the front and rear fairings is a remarkable 7lbs giving an incredible performance boost for minimal weight.

WAC20 Carbon front fairing pricing UK£ 618.00+VAT
US$ 951.72
€ 852.84

Carbon fibre rear fairing on a windcheetah recumbent


Combining aerodynamic efficiency with useful luggage space the Airflow tail fairing provides a stylish, practical solution for riders who want the ultimate performance vehicle without sacrificing any of the Windcheetah's versatility.

WA21 Carbon rear fairing pricing
UK£ 645.00+VAT
US$ 993.30
€ 890.10

Tourpack rack on a windcheetah recumbent


Tourpack comprising of tubular rack, carbon fenders, front light bracket, double bottle cage holder, rear view mirror and side panniers. A saving of £40.00 when compared to the individually priced items. Free shipping is also included when you order the Tourpack to be delivered with your Windcheetah.

Tourpack £548.00 +VAT
Carbon fibre racking on a windcheetah recumbent


Sportpack comprising of carbon rack, top bag, carbon fenders, twin bottle mount, mirror. The Sportpack represents a saving of £45.00 compared to buying the items individually. Free shipping is also included when you order the Sportpack to be delivered with your Windcheetah.

Sport pack £582.50 +VAT
Luggage rack on a windcheetah recumbent


Designed specifically for the Windcheetah from lightweight 8mm steel tubing. It enables the use of two panniers and top bag All the weight is carried low to preserve the fine handling characteristics of the Windcheetah.

WAC12 £172.00 +VAT
Panniers x2 £89.00 +VAT
Top bag £65.00 +VAT

Carbon rack on a windcheetah recumbent


Made from carbon fibre, this unique design offers an alternative to the luggage rack and features an integral carbon rear wheel shroud (fender). Undoubtedly the most stylish, hi tech rack on the market. Accepts a Top box style pannier. Ideal for commuting or day rides where the rider does not want to be encumbered by a full touring rack.

WAC22 Rear Rack £252.00 +VAT
Altura top bag for a windcheetah recumbent
Altura top bag for a windcheetah recumbent


7L Capacity (main compartment). Hard wearing P-tec 600 fabric QR Landing strip rack fitting. Drop down side pannier. Transformer shoulder strap carry handle. Reflective trim.

£65.00 +VAT

Altura top panniers for a windcheetah recumbent
Altura top panniers for a windcheetah recumbent


56L Capacity options (per pair). Waterproof Dryline(TM) construction. Front pocket with organiser. Riken-Kaul(TM) CLICKfix fittings. Highly durable mini rip fabric. Reflective trim.

£89.00 + VAT
Windcheetah recumbent double bottle mounting cage


Mount for two bottle cages that fits under the seat (left-hand or right-hand). Conveniently placed for drinking on the move (bottle cages extra).Will also carry a mirror in place of one of the bottle cages.

WAC05 £60.00 +VAT
Windcheetah recumbent single bottle mounting cage


A superlight Carbon bracket designed to carry a single bottle cage on either side of the seat. Please note that this bracket is not suitable for a mirror mount.

WAC05c 35.00 +VAT


WAC06 £7.00 +VAT
Carbon fiber mudguards fenders for a recumbent


Front cantilever mounted mudguards. Made from carbon fibre. Ultra light and very stylish these guards provide an elegant solution for wet weather riding.

WAC10 Carbon fibre mudguards pricing
UK£ 155.00+VAT
US$ 238.70
€ 213.90


We manufacture our own front light brackets machined from high grade aluminium. Please specify whether you want to fit a standard front light with a conventional handlebar mount.

WAC02 £48 +VAT


Hand made from polished aluminium, this bracket clamps to the main frame tube.

WAC03 £79.00 +VAT


Elegant mirror made from ABS with a carbon mounting post. Adapts to fit bottle cage mount. (Please note that when specifying a mirror it is necessary to buy the twin bottle mount and only one bottle cage can be carried).

WAC07 £32.00 +VAT
A flag and mast for a windcheetah recumbent trike


High visibility flag mounted on 1 metre lightweight GRP aerial. Recommended for commuting or city use.

WAC14 £48.00 +VAT


This unique mount fixes to the side of the seat at the top to give your flag optimum height visibility.

WAC14a £18.00 +VAT


This is a kit containing all the parts that could be required to complete a total overhaul. Comprising of 3 tubes, 3 tyres, complete bearing set (10 cartridge bearings 5 bushes), thrust washers, steering joint, 4 track rod ends, selection spare fasteners, complete set of brake shoes, 2 chain pulleys. A substantial saving on buying the parts individually.

£198.00 +VAT
Mobility and disability options for a recumbent trike


The design of the Windcheetah makes it readily adaptable, particularly for customers who are missing a limb. People who have suffered brain trauma such as a stroke can often experience problems with balance and a trike can be the perfect solution. Although the Windcheetah is primarily a machine built with ultimate performance in mind, it’s low weight and agile performance can be beneficial to riders having to cope with reduced muscle power. The picture shows an adaptation to ride with a single leg.


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