Product Changes

Due to inconsistencies in supply we have change suppliers for the front hubs, all Windcheetah's across the range will now have Sturmey Archer hubs.
Disc brake options are been considered and after testing we might release this option.
Some cast components will now be machined from solid, as wasteful and time consuming as this may seem, it actually makes sense. Cast components inevitably have flaws in them that are quite often only revealed in the machining process. Failures like this are simply scrapped and remelted to make further products. By machining from solid we can guarantee consistency of material and all off cuts can be recycled.


Following on from the huge success in the Japanese market the Compact is now available worldwide, three 20" wheels giving the characteristic Windcheetah ride, but in a slightly more 'compact' configuration. All accessories from the original Hypersport and Clubsport are available