Windcheetah Endorsements

I just want you to know how impressed I have been with the Windcheetah. I have put 93,000 miles on it with no major problems, just lots of tyres and normal consumables.

I am on my 5th groupset and have replaced the bearings 3 or 4 times. I have replaced the chain 8 times. I lost count on tyres [I think I`ve used 40 fronts and 10 rears]

I may retire it this year or I may wait until 100,000 miles.

Mike Sugino USA


I'm just writing to thank you for the warm reception you gave me at the factory. I had only expected a quick test ride, and was quite unprepared for level of attention I received. The factory tour was very impressive and your company’s reputation for craftsmanship and fine engineering is well deserved. I have tested most of the other 'big name' trikes and none of them match the Windcheetahs fine handling, speed and overall feeling of quality. I would like to confirm my order for a new SuperSport and look forward to taking delivery in October.

Craig Mckay UK


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide regarding these issue. Your customer service is second to none, and I`ve never regretted my purchase.

Alan Oakey USA


Just a quick note to thank you for AVD's outstanding service and customer support. My cycling friends who had accompanied me on the trip were dismayed when I had the accident. Romania is not the best place to have a mechanical problem, particularly with a specialized machine like the Windcheetah. They were most surprised when I called you up at home on a Sunday afternoon to report the problem, and even more surprised when a new Windcheetah wheel arrived at our campsite a couple of days later. This goes way beyond the level of support I expected , but confirms my belief that buying the Windcheetah was a smart choice. I don`t know of any other cycle manufacturer who would have provided their home number as an insurance just in case we had any problems on our European tour. I`ll try to avoid phoning you in the middle of a crucial match in future!

Good luck with your plans for the new HyperSport and I look forward to dropping in when I'm next in the UK.

Patrick Todd Germany


So, very many thanks to everyone involved building Windcheetah #579, you did a beautiful job, and made for me a piece of engineering art as far as I can see. And especially, many thanks for the superb customer support……Companies don`t usually open their factories at weekends so a solitary punter can get a look see, nor do they normally deliver finished products to your work place for free. Amazing….

Gawain Minney UK



Hi, I just wanted to share with you some of my initial impressions of the Windcheetah;

Bubble wrap removal complete. My God, what have I done…..? This thing looks like a fighter jet or some kind of alien technology. I marvel at the engineering. Everything fits together with a precision that impresses me greatly . This thing is very cool.

The Windcheetah is the McLaren F1 of recumbents. This is truly the machine of a lifetime. Thanks for a great product and please pass along my appreciation to all of your fine craftsmen.

Alan Oakey USA



My trike is performing wonderfully. The only problem I'm having is people stopping me to ask about it! I actually had one guy roll down his car window and talk to me whilst doing 30mph ……

Not a day goes by without a 'cool bike' or 'love your bike' or 'want to race' or a thumbs up from a passing motorist……

Mark Galloway


I received the front fairing last week and everything about it including the design and craftsmanship is outstanding, but of course I expected no less. After ticking over 9,000 on my Windcheetah I`m left with only one criticism, or rather, suggestion; the Windcheetah could use some wings. Or so it seems , sometimes.

Bob Antonuik Canada


Hi Bob,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how the Windcheetah is performing.

The First Audax!

I rode the Castleton Classic 200 Audax before Easter, and let me say right now that I enjoyed riding this event more than any other Audax I have ridden, all due to the Windcheetah.

The 1 in 5 climb at Froghall got me panting a bit, but at the first control I felt just fine and so fresh that I had a quick cuppa and was back on the road in no time at all. The long climb up to Axe Edge had me passing a lot of riders, which surprised me. it appears Windcheetahs can climb.

The descent of Axe Edge proved that Windcheetahs remain stable at over 100kph [60+mph], although the bends required a bit of concentration……

Including riding to and from the start I ended up doing a 150 mile day and apart from a slight niggle with my shoulder I felt absolutely fine.

Dave Ross UK


… My trike is a real head turner and attracts attention everywhere I go. The last 5 months have been pure riding pleasure and I remain one of your staunchest supporters…

Marsha Crawford USA


…Windcheetah is the best purchase of my life! Happy new century.

Shinichi Iwami Japan


Hello again

I really appreciate you taking time to respond to my question. I wish you and AVD the best for 2002. It`s always a pleasure to deal with you and your excellent co-workers.

Bruce Leverson USA


Beautiful, attractive, elegant… one would think I was describing a model. Is our English language lacking or is it just me. The Windcheetah assembled looks stunning. Up close the workmanship is beautifully detailed to perfection. As for ride, I am spoiled for life. The trike’s feel is outstanding. It even handles our very rough access road better than any of my two wheelers. I took it out on the highway, rode a couple of miles to get a feel for the steering and was up to 30 mph before I knew it. And that was with out the fairing installed. The riding will be a joy for a lifetime.

Mead Riche Alaska


You know, I'm one of those foolish people that expect things to be done right, and 99% of the time, I'm disappointed. Well, when Speedy arrived, and I unpacked her, I have to admit, there was not one thing that I was disappointed with. You were right, it's more in person that you expect. My first impression is that it is beautifully designed, beautifully constructed, with great machining and fitment, and superbly assembled (the only thing I could find was that someone didn't tighten the small set-screw that keeps the joy stick from turning - I can live with having to tighten a screw :-)). And so, I took her for a short ride. Hard to believe, but it rides and handles as great as it looks!!! I had heard some things about touchy steering, and after a couple of miles I began to wonder where the hell those people were coming from. I had her up to 25mph (ok, I had a little tailwind), and the tracking was dead on, the curves were negotiated with ease and confidence, and the machine just felt natural. Have those people never been on anything with wheels? I really can't understand why some people continue to dis (American urban slang for disrespect) Speedy. Jealousy, perhaps? Of course, like you, I have spent most of my life on some kind of contraption with wheels (from drag cars, to motorcycles, to bicycles, to GoPeds, to my 29hp-fuel injected-0 radius turn lawn mower), and this thing just felt RIGHT!! Also, when I assembled it, I set it up right where you folks had it set up, and it fit PERFECTLY! I'm really impressed.

So, after today's shake down cruise, tomorrow it gets its first real ride - I'm going out and punish my buddy on his Optima trike. After a few rides, I will get back to you with more confirmed impressions. However, I can't really imagine anything other than a glowing report. Oh, by the way, the lumbar support is fantastic. What a help that is going to be.

Well, just wanted you to know how happy I am so far. It is rare nowadays to find something of that impeccable quality. YOUSE GUYS DONE GOOD!!!

Dave Gilmore USA


I have just received my Burrows Windcheetah and I have only one thing to say about this fine vehicle.....awesome!!!! It’s everything I thought it would be and more. I plan on taking it on a 40-mile ride this Sunday, can’t wait.

Ryan Wickes USA


…the Windcheetah is fantastic, I constantly complete my regular commute in much less time and with noticeably less physical effort than when using my upright cycle. As to recumbents being slower uphill than 'normal' bikes, I certainly do not find it to be true.

Martin Tripp UK


I just received my Windcheetah #473 last Friday. I’ve ridden 105 miles already. It is AWESOME!!! Everyone at the cycleshop (Velo-city Holland) had a chance to take it for a ride. I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't get it back. Thanks for making such a great ride, the workmanship is outstanding.

Dr Fuller USA


… I rode the Windcheetah yesterday for several hours. The first extended ride of the season on it. I am constantly amazed at the incredible feeling this machine brings on. Nothing like it! Once again, thanks for your outstanding customer support.

Gary Mogan USA


After having my seat fail on my 'cheetah', I took the course of action to enquire to the list about avenues of repair. With your assistance and that of WISIL members, added supports to the mounting points were constructed.

Unknown to me, Bob Dixon of Advanced Vehicle Design also read my enquiry. True to the reputation of the firm, he not only recommended repair procedures, but also is sending out a new seat to me at no cost! This I consider a class act in that my trike did have over 5100 miles on it. I’m not the easiest rider of HPV's, tend to crank too hard and have broken many components. Bob assured me that if I had additional problems with the new seat, he would even manufacture an enforced one if necessary.

Too often a manufacturer will stand only behind the letters of their warranty, Bob Dixon and Advanced Vehicle Design go far beyond this.

Ed Gin USA


Dear Bob

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how my trip is going. What can I say but thank you for such a quality machine. It has been an outstanding ride and is a real attention grabber.

Even fully loaded up I have been able to ride with ease in the Mountains (15 miles non stop uphill, from 649ft to 3950ft, and 105 miles in one day!) and last week I even saw a black bear and a rattle snake.

I spent a couple of weeks in DC with the girlfriend chilling out and now I am gonna have to push hard for the next 5 weeks to get to Colarado in time for my ride the rockies cycle.

Investing in a Windcheetah was probably the best decision I made last year and it really has added value to my trans America Experience.

I hope all is well with you and I'll be sure to send you some photo's when I return in Sept.

Patrick Stevens USA